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Champagne Supernova 7.1% Fresh Hopped Brett IPA

The only way to describe this beautiful collision of a fresh hop beer, brewed for Hopstock 2016, is "the Frankenstein of the Fork line up". With the final result displaying elements (in inspiration and creation) from green hops, champagne, Belgian Brett yeast characters, IPAs and then trying it all together in a very light malt base, using multiple grains, proves that Kelly Ryan has never before been more in mad scientist mode. ...READ MORE

Fork Brewing Judges at World Beer Cup

It's drawn both parallels to the Olympics and been accused of being a thinly disguised work jolly in the media, but the annual World Beer Cup is seriously intense stuff. This week, Kelly and Colin are judging at the 20th annual World Beer Cup taking place in Philadelphia, USA. ...READ MORE

Divine Brown 5.3% Mocha Brown Ale

Cosy up to a Divine Brown 5.3% Mocha Brown Ale as the temperature becomes increasingly ruthless, and bears down on your poor, wee, tropical Wellington summer-conditioned soul.  Think a seductive, dark coffee character with hints of hazelnut and plums, following through into a clean, biscuity mid-palate, and finishing light, slightly sweet and with delicate cacao/dark chocolate flavours, partnered with aromas of freshly ground coffee, fresh-cut grass, roasted hazelnuts and whipped vanilla cream. ...READ MORE

By Fork & Brewer Wed 30 Mar 2016
Welterweight 5.5% English IPA

This brew is yet another reinterpretation of a beer from Fork's past under Dion Page and Lester Dunn. The original Welterweight was a Session Strength, malt-led IPA, almost a mini Base Isolator in a lot of ways.   Kel wanted to reinvent this beer with a style that was missing from Fork's current tap line-up and thought an English IPA would be a great addition.    The resultant beer is 5.5% alcohol, around 30 bitterness units and pours a beautiful orange-gold with a mousse-like white head. It has mid-palate weight and a nice orange-marmalade finish.  ...READ MORE

By Fork & Brewer Wed 09 Mar 2016
DRAFT 3.8% Classic NZ Draught

This is Fork Brewing's first Fork Brews release for 2016! And it may boggle the hoppy heads of craft boffins, who may just be getting over the shock of witnessing currently circulating historical images of Kelly Ryan dressed in, and canoodling with, Tui paraphernalia. For this year's first beer release is a meta, reverse psychology, walk down memory lane called DRAFT, a 3.8% classic NZ Draught Lager. ...READ MORE