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By Fork & Brewer Fri 04 Oct 2013
New Beers a Flowin'

The launch of two brand new Fork & Brewer beers in the past fortnight may have been overlooked, considering the epic celebrations that surrounded them! A couple of Tuesdays ago (24th Sept) at our second birthday party we released our mid-strength IPA called 'Welterweight' to great reception. It seems people are screaming for sessionable ales, so a 4.7% IPA was just the ticket! ...READ MORE

By Fork & Brewer Thu 12 Sep 2013
Oktoberfest at Fork & Brewer!

We're holding an Oktoberfest party here at the Fork on Saturday the 28th September. Hofbrau Oktoberfest beer will be imported from Germany for the event, and we'll also be launching our new Hefeweizen fresh from our brewery on the day, F&B "Long Wheat Cloud". ...READ MORE

By Fork & Brewer Fri 06 Sep 2013
F&B Birthday Month Specials!

It's now our birthday month at Fork & Brewer, so to celebrate we're doing some sweet specials throughout the four weeks of September. ...READ MORE

By Fork & Brewer Thu 29 Aug 2013
Southerners in the brewery making Hophugger Coasters Pale Ale

On the exact same day (4 August 2013) as the New Zealand Amateur Brewer Black IPA competition was judged, the brewery was busy with some guests from the Deep South putting down a new beer. Nath Davis and Nathan McEwan are from Hophugger Brewing Company, a contract brewery based in Timaru. Their previous commercial beers – most notably the Hophugger Pilsner – were brewed at Invercargill Brewing by the marvellous Steve Nally but this time they decided to get hands on and make their first commercial pale ale at the Fork & Brewer. ...READ MORE

By Fork & Brewer Tue 27 Aug 2013
Winning amateur Black IPA will be brewed at the Fork

NZ Amateur Brewer is a relatively new organisation working hard to promote and improve home brewing around New Zealand. One of their main activities is running large competitions where amateur brewers compete to make the best example of a nominated style. Entries are then judged by a panel of experts and, in recent cases, the winning brew is commercially produced by a professional brewery. ...READ MORE