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Hardpour Corn 4.5% Amaizing Lager

Hardpour Corn 4.5% Amaizing Lager - it's not safe for work... but safe for after work drinks! A clean, pale, refreshing Lager brewed with flaked maize, this beer is also a hard example of Fork Brewing's unyielding partiality to puns.   ...READ MORE

Hopstock 2017: Cone'n The Bavarian 5% Schwarzbier/German Dark Lager

The hop harvest has been and gone, leaving nothing but fresh hop beers in its wake! Our Hopstock/fresh hop beer for 2017 is a German style with a Kiwi fresh hop treatment: Cone'n the Bavarian 5% Schwarzbier/German Dark Lager. ...READ MORE

By Fork & Brewer Wed 09 Mar 2016
DRAFT 3.8% Classic NZ Draught

This is Fork Brewing's first Fork Brews release for 2016! And it may boggle the hoppy heads of craft boffins, who may just be getting over the shock of witnessing currently circulating historical images of Kelly Ryan dressed in, and canoodling with, Tui paraphernalia. For this year's first beer release is a meta, reverse psychology, walk down memory lane called DRAFT, a 3.8% classic NZ Draught Lager. ...READ MORE