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Rangipur Double India Stout Launch

When you get three bolshy brewers together you get a big bolshy beer.

This Thursday, Fork and Brewer is whipping out a big, hoppy stout inspired by India Pale Ales, our very own 9.3% Double India Stout. Jammed full of Amarillo and Columbus in the kettle and then smashed with Amarillo, Simcoe, Cascade and Comet in the dry hop, this was a collaborative brew with Renaissance Brewing and Liberty Brewing.

A couple of moons back, Renaissance head brewer, Matt Dainty, got in touch with Kelly via the national brewers party line, and asked if he was keen to pop down to the 'Heim and collaborate on a beer with them, and (established good mate and one-quarter of the Hopocalypse Horsemen), Joseph Wood, from Liberty Brewing.

“Bit of a no brainer, really!” says Kelly.

Right from the outset, the approach to this brew was going to be no holds barred.

“We decided on something big, dark and American!” said Kelly.

“The original concept was loosely based on an American Imperial Stout but we really wanted to go a bit nuts on the hops (who doesn't?) and accentuate those in the beer as much as allow the plethora of Kiwi malts to dominate.

“Toing and froing complete, we decided we would try and fill Renaissance's mash tun to its absolute maximum!”

Shoehorned into the mash tun were massive amounts of Munich, Vienna and American Ale malts, brown malt for complexity, Shepherd's Delight for fruity richness, toffee malt for body and caramel subtlety, some crystal malts for more fruity, caramel notes and the classic dark malt combo of roast barley, light chocolate and dark chocolate malts to bring those wonderful stout characters - molasses, liquorice, coffee, chocolate and char.

They finished it off with some oats for smoothness and body and a little brown sugar to add fermentability to such a big beer.

“I'll be honest, this was the most full mash tun I'd ever seen. We even have pictures of it actually rising from the top of the vessel. It was a beast!” says Kel.

However, such a reckless celebration of malt does have its challenges...

“The problem was, due to it being so full, it resulted in a stuck mash. We managed to get the kettle half full in about six hours but it was up to assistant brewer, Chris, to do the hard yards and stay at the brewery to finish the brew... Joseph and I had to catch planes back home!” 

Convenient exits aside, the Renaissance lads sorted it, and from what Matt says, it's an absolute cracker of a beer.

Straddling that magical realm between a big, Black IPA and a solid, unctuous American Imperial Stout, this pours as black as night with a light beige head.

Big aromatics of molasses and citrus-rich hops entice the nose with background chocolate liquorice. Sweet and soft in the mouth, it finishes bold and brazen. Solid American hop bitterness, a hint of salty complexity and a wonderful combination of fresh pine, earthiness and fruit. The alcohol brings it all together in a complex and rich after-tingle.

As far as gutsy beers go, this is one to kick back, sip and enjoy...


Food pairings - Kel Recommends…

Try a Black & Blue Beef Pizza - big stouts go great with blue cheese; or you could also try a massive plate of meat to go with a massive beer, and go for the BBQ Pork Ribs.


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