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By Fork & Brewer Mon 14 Apr 2014
Easter Egg Chocolate Stout Launches This Week!

Easter! For some it's a welcomed holiday - a chance to have a few commiseration brews to depart the well-and-truly-over summer. For others it's a chance to eat ALL THE CHOCOLATE THINGS!! For us it's an opportunity to combine the two = chocolate and beer! Our Easter Egg Stout has been flavoured with Columbian Cocoa nibs from the lovely folks at the Wellington Chocolate Factory on Eva St, with a healthy dose of lactose to give our stout a creamy mouth feel. We will be presenting this salubrious beer to make even the staunchest beer taster salivate! ...READ MORE

By Fork & Brewer Thu 10 Apr 2014
The Hopstepper - Hopstock 2014 at the Fork & Brewer

Organised by the Craft Beer Capital team, the Hopstock festival is an annual celebration of New Zealand’s fresh hop harvest. Now in its second year, there will be 19 breweries involved making 16 green hopped beers (including three collaborative teams) which will be hosted across 16 Wellington craft beer bars - one brewery (or collaborative team) for each bar. Fork & Brewer will be a keen participant again and our unique beer is already in the tank. ...READ MORE

By Fork & Brewer Thu 03 Apr 2014
Back to Black - Black Saison Launch

The latest offering from the Fork & Brewer’s on-site brewery is more than a little unusual.  Own talented brewer, Lester, picked a very unusual style – Black Saison – and then put his own distinctive spin on it.  Saisons are themselves rare in New Zealand.  They are based on the farmhouse ales of France and Belgium and the distinctive yeasts produce dry, spicy, funky golden ales.  ...READ MORE

By Fork & Brewer Thu 27 Mar 2014
Three Upcoming Brews in April

April 2014 is a big month for the brewery at Fork & Brewer, featuring 3 beer releases. The first is a new style for us (Black Saison), and the others are seasonal to coincide with Easter (Chocolate Stout) and the Nelson hop harvest (Green hop Pale Ale). Lester our brewer has been a very busy man indeed! ...READ MORE

By Fork & Brewer Mon 03 Mar 2014
Stone Brewery City Tap Takeover: Part Two

Not only is the legendary American craft brewery Stone staging the huge City Tap Takeover (over 40 taps at Fork & Brewer an Malthouse) on 13 March 2014 but their dynamic co-founder and CEO Greg Koch will be visiting New Zealand. The City Tap Takeover (Twitter: #citytaptakeover) will be the key event on his tour here. ...READ MORE