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By Fork & Brewer Thu 25 Sep 2014
Oktoberfest at Fork & Brewer!

We're holding an Oktoberfest event up at the Fork on Saturday the 4th October from 4pm! ...READ MORE

By Fork & Brewer Fri 05 Sep 2014
Fork & Brewer's 3rd Birthday Bash!

Join us for our 3rd Birthday celebrations on Wednesday 10th September from 7pm! ...READ MORE

By Fork & Brewer Sat 16 Aug 2014
The Road to Beervana at Fork & Brewer

The week leading up to and including Beervana has officially been titled 'The Road to Beervana'. Beervana, Craft Beer Capital, Neat Places, and a bunch of local venues have teamed up to bring you a week of great beer related events. Up at Fork & Brewer we will be running the following events during the week: ...READ MORE

By Fork & Brewer Mon 04 Aug 2014
F&B Psycho Keller Launch + Low Blow IPA Preview

Head up to Fork & Brewer this Wednesday 6th August from 5pm for the launch of Fork Brewing's Psycho Keller, and also a preview of our next launch 'Low Blow' Sessionable IPA. ...READ MORE

By Fork & Brewer Fri 11 Jul 2014
Discombobulation IIPA Launch (Fork Brewing + Ben Middlemiss Collab.)

Join us on Wednesday the 23rd July from 5pm for the launch of our latest brew, Discombobulation Imperial IPA. Discombobulation sits at a massive 9%, a collaborative effort between F&B and the legendary Ben Middlemiss Brewing, who will be present for the event. ...READ MORE