The Beer
The Fork & Brewer has forty taps on our giant barrel and even more bottles in the fridges. The world likes beer. All up, we drink over 150 billion litres a year though it is fair to say a lot of that is pretty ordinary beer at best. New Zealander’s have long liked a pint though since the seve...Read More
The Brewer
His beers and ciders have won multiple awards at major beer shows. He's even been called a "bit of a brewing rock star." Wellington's Fork & Brewer brewpub was delighted to announce Kelly Ryan as our new brewer in mid 2014. Ryan is a talented and highly regarded brewer with experience working...Read More
The Brewery
At the Fork & Brewer, We love making beer right in front of you. The brewery bubbling away in the corner was designed in New Zealand and constructed in China during 2011. It was custom built for the Fork & Brewer and allows our team to brew around 1,000 litres of fresh, beautiful beer at ...Read More